We are part of the on-shoring resurgence among U.S. manufacturers.  While conventional wisdom suggest manufacturing companies will save money by off-shoring, we are find that is no longer always the case.  Much of the cost benefit previously associated with off-shoring is offset by changing financial conditions in the U.S. and developing countries.  And while the vast majority of larger manufacturers still operate overseas, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain quality, remain innovative, attract talent and keep costs low.

We understand what it takes to make things in America -- and make them well.  By leveraging over 75 years of experience and advanced manufacturing techniques, we help wholesalers, artisans and small businesses source and create viable, U.S. made products, grow and position their businesses for rapid innovations, overcome common and uncommon barriers and manage costs.  We do this by connecting U.S. textile manufacturers, U.S. cut and sew facilities and U.S. distributors in innovative ways that create efficiencies, maximize operations, facilitate logistics and foster sustainable relationships required to thrive and succeed in today's domestic manufacturing environment.

Domestic manufacturing should not be a foreign concept.  Together with our clients we are making great things right here, in America -- where we choose to dwell.

The Collective At Keystone
1349 Cumberland St., Lebanon, PA  17042

One of Lebanon's largest and premier landmark properties.


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1349 Cumberland Street, Lebanon, PA  17042


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